Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{January 13, 2008}   Why go to Germany? To experience German Dog Poop, or the lack there of…


MO: Why do we have to go to Germany?

MOM: So we can say we’ve been there.

MO: I refuse to smile in any pictures.

MOM: That is until we find something about dog poop.

JUDITH: Look Mo, exit is called “ausfahrt.”

MO: No farting in the house? 


Chelsea C says:

haha. Wow, that must have been so much fun. I envy you, Mrs. G. I am a… to quote Shakespeare… green eyed monster (or something like that… I’m tired). Germany…only number three on my “Places to Go to Get out of Smelly AZ” list. Honestly… I hope you had lots of fun…and I hope Mo saw all the dog poo he needed (if not, I’ll send you a picture of my backyard 😉 )

Heh, heh. Poo. Classic.

Amber says:

Hey! I hope you had fun.

Hi Tomi,

So neat to see photos of Germany and of Mrs. Debetencort. I recognized her right away. Please say hello for me. Also I will be thinking about you as you make your decision about staying or going. E-mail if you want to “chat” about it”.


Alec M. says:

Oh my gosh Mrs. Griffin! Our cast list was posted today for Cinderella, and I’m THE PRINCE!!!!!!!!! AAH!!!!

Connor T. says:

Hi, Mrs. Griffin! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to get on your blog. I have been very busy with school.
Have you seen the movie version of Sweeney Todd? I really liked it, but would have liked to have seen the original Broadway with Angela Lansbury…
Send me an e-mail sometime. if you don’t have it it’s
Oh!, how could I forget? I may be in Europe sometime in early 2009 with Model UN (probably Paris). I’ll keep you posted.

Billy says:

Where to begin. How about come back or I will go insane. I first took choir so that I would be better at musical theatre, and now I have no theatre but am in choir. I am going an entire year without a drama class and it is driving me insane. I signed up for drama but then the teacher left so I dropped it. Please try and come back. If you do I will guarantee that you will have no shortage of drama geeks to do your bidding; anything to improve a show or get you soda or a cookie or just about anything else. I hope that you realize how important you were in raising your students here and how much we could still use your guidence. I hope you are having fun far far away from all of your drama geeks, friends, adoring parent, and other various acquaintance. 🙂

Matt says:

Just a comment on Billy’s comment…

Matt says:

I’m in the Mesa Honor Choir, and we are singing Masquerade from “The Phantom of the Opera”.

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