Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{January 10, 2008}   Should I Stay or Should I Go (that is a song you know) name that band!

There it was in my mailbox this morning; the memo asking if I planned to come back next year. Answer has to be in no later than March 1st.  Funny how when I think I might go or stay there are several frustrations that make me WANT to leave.

 First and foremost the schedule that is sporadic; every day is different for two week periods. I never see the same faces at the same time or even everyday. Sometimes I go four days without seeing a class. Then there’s the lack of team work with no stagecraft class so nothing can get done. And all the kids with so many activities they cannot BE my DRAMA GEEKS. Even the drama geeks now have wrestling, and singing lesson etc.etc.

 I miss my drama geeks. 

I have no control over tech. I like the tech guy but he isn’t super helpful. I am afraid to ask him to do anything. I am in hopes I even finally get my UTDS video/DVD to send into the university to complete my masters. 

Without a consistent schedule or after school rehearsals we just can’t get any momentum going for the children’s theatre.  

One good thing though, two of the tenth graders who did children’s theatre last year said our sets and props are better than theirs were. Let’s hope the play will pull it together. Three weeks until D-day and we still haven’t rehearsed the last scene of Peter Pan. Remind me to never have the class write their own plays again, this just took up too much time and was frustrating. (Although when my advanced drama class from Shepherd wrote theirs the play turned out wonderful! Remember Culture Cruise? The writing of it was equally frustrating though). If I had just gone with an already written script maybe it would have been better. But then there are royalties AND not many scripts with 16-20 characters, believe me I looked. In my defense but no excuse is that my focus was also split in too many directions (UTDS, IB Theatre trips and lessons, new school, new country, etc. etc and the kids did vote on wanting to do it this way, I was all set to do Wilde Tales by Oscar Wilde).  

I just want to do a good job.

Chelsea C says:

Culture Cruise WAS awesome. I still think of that at least once a week. Actually, I think this is the week of the two year anniversary of Culture Cruise. Mrs. G… you will do a rock awesome job with your show. You always do. Just…and I know this sounds weird from a person who has had to bite her tongue not to beg and plead for you to come home… just follow your heart on this decision. Do what you think is right and that will be the best decision. Now that I sound like a fortune cookie… I hope your show goes well. Our student directed one-acts were tonight and they miraculously went great. Even though we had last minute script changes…and missing cast members…and rowdy cast members who were loud that ‘someone’ had to yell at…. It went very well. Remember, make the decision you think is right (and your lucky numbers are 5, 76, 19, 60, and 4)…. 🙂

Jennifer says:

Oh easy one Tomi
The Clash!!!!!

Hang in there with your big decision!

Casey Ellings says:

I agree with Chelsea!! Do whatever you feel is right. We would be thrilled to see you back, but Im sure the kids out there would also miss you. Our one-acts went really well and were a lot of fun. I was a dog, a mother hare and a fox! We are going to have auditions for Hanzel and Grettle within the next two weeks so wish me luck! We all miss you and wish you luck with whatever you chose to do. Oh and if you teach us at the high school next year you will have plenty of drama geeks to help you out.

Alec says:

Hmmm…that is quite a dilema! But, what job were you offered? Because if it was the drama teacher job, then I’m sorry but I must be honest. As much as EVERYONE would love to have you back. I don’t think that it’s fair to Ms. Alop (who now loves her job), especially after alot of the students were so bitter to her after you left. I’m sorry if this sounds mean, but I’m not trying to sound mean at all, I just want you to know (unless I dont have the facts straight or something) that I don’t think its fair to Ms. Alop. 😦 sorry.

Brooke H. says:

Alec is silly and got his facts all wrong and wants me to fix it because he thought you were trying to take Ms. Alop’s job. But you’re not. I hope. I’d MUCH rather have to you teaching at Red Mountain, and I’m sure only about 3000 other people do too (including Alec)! But, Mrs. Griffin, I think you should definitely do what feels right just like Casey says…and Chelsea, and I know you’ll probably do what you want no matter what we say ANYWAY but I wanted to put that in there anyway so it’s not like peer pressure. Just subliminal messaging. Anyway, I just want you to know, that if you come back to AZ and I HAPPEN to be in your drama class, I’ll be one of your drama geeks (along with the 3000 people I mentioned earlier). And yeah, the Drama Club play went pretty darn okay, especially when Amber and Jesse (Ellsworth) danced to Journey’s Open Arms. I hope your play goes amazing and I’m sure it will anyway, but GOOD LUCK!

Amber says:

Mrs. Griffin, I’m sure whatever you choose will turn out fine. Just do what you think is right and it will work itself out. Our Cinderella auditions were this week but the drama club show was also this week so we didn’t finish. We’ll be continuing auditions into next week. I just want them to be over so we can start practicing. I auditioned for Oliver Twist(not the musical) this morning at a community children’s theater but I won’t know if I got in until Monday morning. Good luck, Mrs. Griffin, in whatever desicion you make. 🙂

Amber says:

I found the name of the band that has the song “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” The band is called The Clash. I just thought I’d tell you because you did say “Name that band!”

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