Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{January 7, 2008}   Where are the Drama Geeks?

“Where the ‘h-e-double hockey sticks’ are all the drama-baits to help?
What happened to all the geeks that would do anything, (make sets, props and costumes) just to be around the theater.
Find the geeks! We had them in
There must be some drama-geeks around there somewhere.
   Writes a reader I believe must have went to my high school in Oregon. Yes, we had drama-baits galore, me being one of them, and I had them too at my school in AZ. Here the school is so small (900 from pre-k thu 12) we share the students with every other activity (sports, choir, orchestra, Russian lessons, clubs, charities, International Baccalaureate CAS hours well as homework) That is why they are not hanging out “tout le temps” after school helping me like back home. Some do, but today was after school “dance” and they were all there. On the weekends their parents sweep them off to places like Rome and London. It’s a whole different ballgame here. 


Amber says:

I’m sorry Mrs. Griffin. That sounds like a hard change.

Chelsea C says:

I’m sorry. Yeah, I’ve become one of the drama-geeks now and I’m always in there making stuff. And to think I swore I would never be a geek….

Christianna says:

hahaha! Rome and london? gosh I wish 😛
no-I go a drama group called TIE (ttheatre in engllish) every saturday morning *yaaay!* then on sunday is chill-out/essay and homework day.

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