Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{January 7, 2008}   First Down, hut two hike or STEAL, can I make it home?!

First day back after Christmas break and although the day wasn’t great, it was good for my demeanor. It is “A” week, so today being my easiest day of a rotating two week schedule. The Internet was down all day and my personal computer at school still wasn’t working at the end of the day which kept me from getting all the things done that I wanted to. I did realize that both my Ryobi cordless drills were “lifted” “nicked,” “pilfered,” “swiped,” “taken,” “stolen,” or maybe just “borrowed” and not brought back. This makes my life difficult as there is still tons of clean-up in the shop to do, and the upcoming children’s theatre may need them as well. 

My major problem with children’s theatre and the school in general, is that the schedule is sporadic, so I don’t see my 9th graders everyday, and the classes are only 40 minutes so too short to rehearse AND make sets, props and costumes, and I certainly don’t have a stagecraft class to get that stuff done either. I just can’t do it all myself, and the show will be lacking because of it. Not my best and after how great my last show was (thanks to my friend Gregg and him putting in three weeks of sixteen hour days) I don’t want anyone to be disappointed, and I feel they will be. I keep telling the students that these little shows are all about the acting, not the set, and if THEY are really big, with loads of enthusiasm it will sell. Please, oh please! A rather large photo of Up the Down Staircase  took up the entire cover of the most recent alumni magazine though! 

I feel like if I leave and don’t stay at least another year, I will be letting people down. Mo has friends here. But I am so homesick I feel awful, so I don’t know what to do? I may go see the school councilor or principal if it keeps up.


Where the Hell are all the drama-baits to help?
What happened to all the geeks that would do anything, (make sets, props and costumes) just to be around the theater.
Find the geeks! We had them in Sandy.
There must be some drama-geeks around there somewhere.

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