Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{January 6, 2008}   Adventures in the New Year… (Cryptic)

Happy New Year Everyone! Although I had lost 15 lbs shortly after I got here, after my show was over, I soon gained it back. What with all the Christmas goodies and chocolate and the fact that I really don’t like the food here, I mean who likes Foie Gras anyway? It really is nothing but cat food! So I eat pastries, waffles, chocolate and Coca Cola Light (Diet Coke Belgian style). My comfort food is Pizza Hut or McDonald’s (which really doesn’t taste the same as in America) but brings me closer to home. Oh what I wouldn’t do for some El Pollo Loco!

Mo and I managed to see some movies over the break: I am Legend– you go Will Smith! Actually, I wanted to see this one for several reasons: It was a remake of a favorite when I was a kid, The Omega Man with Charlton Heston. I loved all those Charlton Heston movies such as Soilent Green, The Planet of the Apes, and The Ten Commandments! “Soilent Green is made out of PEOPLE!” So don’t eat it. Probably better than Foie Gras. 

We also saw Enchanted. I LOVED this movie!! It is a perfect Tomi movie. I am such a girly-girl romantic at heart. It will go on my top ten. And National Treasure Two. I do like Nicholas Cage and also the one liners of the guy who plays his sidekick in this series. This movie makes me want to become a history professor! 

Our trip to the UK was uneventful, but really a good thing for Mo and his grandparents. As I guestion on a daily basis, especially when I get homesick-why I am here? Why was I led here by a serendipitous job opening only hours after I stated, “Wouldn’t it be cool to work at St. John’s in Belgium?” I realize at least Mo has gotten to know his grandparents.  

Not that I don’t love my job, I do-the job is challenging and I am learning a lot more about theatre through it. But I am sooo homesick! Good thing tomorrow we are back to school.


Chelsea C says:

Those are all really awesome movies! We miss you SOOOOOO much Mrs. G. Our drama club one-act show “Folktales for Fun” is on Thursday and it needs A LOT of work. We’re also working on auditions for “Cinderella” and “Hansel and Gretel” and hoping we’ll do well on those. :/ So far, the year has been pretty boring. Our advanced drama class is kind of lame this semester and there are a lot of shy people. We’re hoping to be able to bring them out of their shells a bit for the show. Happy New Year!!!

Amber says:

Happy New Year!! I haven’t seen I Am Legend but I have seen the other two and they are both great movies. You know if you are so homesick you can just come back and teach at Red Mountain. Because their drama teacher quit. But it is better for Mo to be in Belgium and as much as I don’t want to admit it he is the most important thing. We all miss you soo much! When I got back to school after break everyone kept asking me if Mrs. Griffin asked about them. “Cinderella” auditions are coming up this week and I am soo nervous. But no matter what part I get I know its going to be loads of fun! As Chelsea said our drama club play is this week and we need A LOT of work. ❤

Alec says:

Hi Mrs. Griffin! Well we just got our new drama class and we have a really good one this year! There are only like 2 shy people and alot really want to work on a play, so thats good. So far this year has been very exciting. Out drama club play is going EXTREMELY WELL! I can’t wait! And p.s. You should see Sweeney Todd!!! Its AMAZING!

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