Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{December 21, 2007}  

real-small-manniken-pis.jpgmo-and-amber-dead-guy-small.jpg Some of my very favorite people visited from AZ. Favorite people and ex-students too. The few days they were here were bitter cold, but we managed to soak in a few sights such as a medieval monk’s abbey which I so cleverly had to tie into medieval theatre history,  and it made me think of a new play to write “The Flying Monk” ???! We also sojourned to the Grand Place avec the all too famous Mannekin Pis! One of the best things about teaching is knowing such wonderful people and watching them grow into fantastic human beings.


Rich says:

Hey Tomi,

Thanks for the Christmas Note. Your set looks amazing. Congrats on passing the Thesis and production stuff. I’m in rehearsal now for mine. I know what you mean about the stress. I’m utterly convinced my blocking is all wrong.

The pics look fun! Rainy cold Paris still beats Walla Walla. It must be nice to be in and close to most of Europe.

Take care!

Chelsea C says:

“The Flying Monk”… I’d go see it. Well, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I wish I could go up and see you but that is sadly out of my pitiful price-range. 🙂

Alec M. says:

Haha, those two still crack me up! Have fun with them while they’re there!

Amber says:

I had so much fun! I hope we’ll be able to come back again. Thank you for everything, Mrs. G. Even though the weather was VERY cold, especially for a true Arizonian like myself, it was a vacation to remember. 🙂

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