Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{December 3, 2007}   It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


As most of you know I really enjoy decorating for Christmas. I had to buy all completely new this year, so it’s a little frugal but still merry. We are listening to carols now via the iPod, and missing our loved ones. Judith is coming for dinner, I fixed chicken soup.I jammed at school today on lesson plans for the new year and on getting things ready for the children’s theatre plays. Unfortunately, we have a lot less money to spend on plays here as in AZ, so there’s a lot of make-dos.  And the theatre is soooo big, a lot to fill up.Oh how I miss you all. 😦


Chelsea C says:

Aw, cool. Christmas decorating… I tried doing that the other day and failed miserably. Hope yours is going well. When Amber comes up, you might find something extra with her from a few of your students from last year. Ahem, ahem…

Beth H. says:

Hi Tomi,

I love love love reading your entries and looking at the photos. They bring back the memories. So tell me — do the Belgians still not wash their hair frequently. I remember everyone being dressed nicely all of the time, but having greasy hair!
Merry Christmas,
~Beth (from the 70s in Belgium)

Amber says:

Only 12 more days!! I’m so excited!! Woohoo!

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