Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{December 2, 2007}   Just a few photos to keep you going!

lace-shop.jpg Mo and Belgian Lace.

outside-the-record-shop.jpg Mo by the record shop.outside-our-window.jpgDecor outside my apartment window (my silver car!)

tune-small.jpg La Toone!in-the-window-2.jpgToday at our window. I am not dressed Belgian!bruxelles-eyes.jpg

 Mo eyes!

Just a few photos, some of them taken on our trip to Bruxelles and some today at our window. More will come soon. There is a photo of La Toone a marionette puppet show that is still there. We were fascinated by it when we lived here in the 70s, also Mo outside one of the record shops my bro and I used to frequent. And the famous Belgian lace! Outside my window you can see my little silver/grey Peugeot Partner and the holiday lights put up by the village of Waterloo. 

Amber says:

Cool! Keep the pictures coming, I love to see them! Whenever I tell someone I’m going to Belgium they have to say something about waffles. It gets annoying. Anyways, my violin teacher wants to know if you know a Andy Woods. He’s her uncle and she says that he works at the same school that you do. I think he teaches science or something. But she was just wondering if you know him or if you’ve heard of him before.

Chelsea C says:

Wow, awesome pictures… We really miss you here, Mrs. G. It was a miracle…but we managed to pull off our Revue with only two broken ankles, fourteen bruised legs, five banged up heads, and a whole lot of sore legs. As always, people are wishing you ‘hello’ and the ever-constant ‘COME BACK!!!!’ And I can’t say I disagree. Hope your holidays are cheerful.

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