Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{November 25, 2007}   Belgian Style

I love the way Belgians dress; at least the women for the most part. They have turned it into an art form. Wearing scarves is a fine art, and not in the way I, as an artist, wear scarves. The men and women here sport winter scarves “tout les temps” and it looks so cool. If only I could achieve such scarf “cooliness.”  I am attempting, having bought two since I have been here; the standard brown and one of my favorite colors, chartreuse. And skirts let me tell you! The art of donning short “jupes” over warm leggings is fascinating. It is so wonderful to see an attractively, dressed young-looking woman turn around and realize she must be in her late 50s or older. Even the old women dress stylish! Outer jackets and coats are a must, the longer the better and even more styling if you have fake-fur, either all over or as an accent; although the color spectrum is minute; black and brown, and if you’re feeling a little adventurous and sassy maybe a dark grey. But oh the males! Red pants are in like Flynn! And pointed shoes! Not as pointy as the men and women of London (Mo and I spent amused time spying pointy shoes on the underground during our trip last summer), but pointed non-the-less. I had a Belgian student wear his pointed dress shoes on our adventure day in the muddy woods. Shoes are a big deal here. Being from Oregon I don’t understand as the weather here is comparable, and your shoes get yucky with the rain. But not if you’re wearing the obligatory boots! Thigh high, knee high, you name it. If you don’t have boots well then just curl up and die! And they are super expensive here but oh do I want a pair (or two)! Wearing a short skirt, a nice sweater (with a scarf) a chunky matching belt, leggings and riding-style boots with make-up and hair done up as if you’re going somewhere special you might fit in at the local Brico which is equivalent to Home Depot. And if you’re a man, carry your miniature pooch in a small red faux-leather purse and you’ll definitely be styling! I just got my hair butchered and it’s really short and spiky (not to my liking) but when I was at school the other day in my short denim skirt, black chunky sweater and suede boots, one of my students, (the gorgeous French one) stated that I looked Belgian. What a compliment!

scarfy-photo.jpg Photo complimentary of Morrison James Peacock-photographer of the future. small-mo-and-mommy-waterloo-gare.jpg Here’s a photo from the day Mo and I sojourned from Gare Waterloo to the Grande Place. We are so adventurous! Oh, and The Mikado was colorful. The set wasn’t as good as my previous show, but I learned from it. Mostly I enjoyed it because it reminded me of Porter, and his chippy chop tongue twister!


Chelsea C says:

Wow! Major culture shock in that entry, Mrs. G. It’s amazing… I would have never thought of Europeans dressing like that. You do look really good (Belgian…if I may). We miss you so much. Especially right now. Our Musical Revue is on Tuesday and none of us think we’re ready (well, most of us don’t). Everybody says “hi” and that they miss you. Have a very fashionable week.

Diana's #1 Fan says:

Wow you look very nice! And thanks for the fashion update. And to think I was just going to wear jeans while I was up there! Maybe boots sell cheaper here. Well, I’m really looking forward to seeing you! I bounce up and down just at the thought. Our Musical Revue was awesome! I wish you could’ve seen it. I can’t wait to see you! Only 18 more days!

Amber says:

Wow, fashion check. And to think I was just going to wear jeans while I was up there. Maybe boots sell cheaper down here. Well, I’m really looking forward to seeing you. I bounce up and down just at the thought. Everyone is totally jealous but not everyone’s mom can work for an airline. Only 18 more days!

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