Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{November 23, 2007}   Up the Down Staircase photos

Another try at the website with cast photos. These photos are from a dress rehearsal before the set was finished. Alas, when is the set every really finished?! Yesterday was Thanksgiving, we worked and had school. Yipee. Normally I wouldn’t put photos of my students in but someone else set up the external site, so it was already out there. We’re still trying to get things cleaned up from the show. A big job. Mo and Iare going to see The Mikado at Brussels light Opera tomorrow, and hopefully other fun stuff just for him, like bowling! It’s time for mommy to be mommy again. Oh and by the way, this really is the only big play we do all year here (I have small children’s theatre stuff, and a small musical review) but nothing compared to all the shows I put on in AZ. That is why, and also that it was my thesis project, I put so much time effort and money into the set of Up the Down Staircase.


Alec M. says:

Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Griffin! I hope you had a great one! Your play looked great!

Chelsea C says:

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness… Your show looked AWESOME!! Your students look so…believable (and that’s kind of weird, seeing as I don’t know them or their characters or the show for that matter). Congrats again!!!! Hope your Thanksgiving was good and enjoy The Mikado.

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