Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{November 18, 2007}   C’est Fini. :(


Three weeks to build, 3 hours to strike. It’s over and I am sad. Gregg is gone. I can’t believe the things people do for me. I am so lucky. I now have to go repaint the floor black (remember all you students who have done that with me over the years?) This floor is much bigger than the one at Shepherd. In the mean time enjoy the photos of the set and check out the website (if it works) of the photos  of the cast from dress rehearsal. I haven’t figured out how to make it work yet but maybe you can.

Photos from the play are available on-line from St. John’s International School’s production of Up the Down Staircase. If you’re smart enough to maneuver the website! I’m NOT! 🙂


Chelsea C says:

YAY!!! Beautiful sets…honestly. It must have been a SPECTACULAR show. I’m gonna miss our Alice sets as well. Did you record this ‘cos now I want to see it (the sets have me hooked). Well, have fun now (and try not to get sick–half of our cast was sick the day after the show). Congrats again!!!! :-O 😉 🙂

spicoli007 says:

Well done. excellent. I’m proud of you! ((((hugs))))

Amber says:

WOW! It looks spectacular! You did good, as usual, Mrs. G! But was there ever any doubt? Your shows always turn out amazing! I’m wondering the same thing as Chelsea though, did you record the show? Because I want to see it too. 🙂

Brooke H. says:

Oh my goodness, your set is INCREDIBLE! Our set is kinda lame compared to yours, even though it had mushrooms, haha. I’m glad your show went so well even though kids has trouble with volume and stuff. I was going to say something else but I don’t remember what it was, ha.

Shannon says:

wow that set is way more elaborate than ours used to be…
I’m jealous lol

Molly Michalowski says:

Hey! This is Molly from Shepherd! ahh. I finally got to check this out. The scenery looks amazing. I bet it was an awesome show :] Hope Europe is great. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sarah M says:

WOW! That is a beautiful set! Its amazing! I’m so jelious!Congrates!

[…] this blog you can see the magnificent set Gregg designed and built for me at my school in Belgium. He has designed for me since, but we, of the real world, who are not Gods of Theatrical Design and […]

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