Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{November 17, 2007}   I passed!

I passed the production portion of my thesis project! The show went exceptionally well considering the mountain that I had to climb from the beginning. Remember-new country, new school, new curriculum, no stagecraft class, no set builders, not knowing where to find stuff, not speaking good enough French, not having control of the technical side such as lights. But the show was sold out last night (400 seat house), and so very funny, poignant, visual and entertaining! The problems pointed out by my professor were the problems I had pointed out sooo many times to my kids like, “volume, diction, timing of cues” as well as lighting, which we only worked with for 3 rehearsals and I had no control over. I was sooo nervous, more so than ever before as the NEW teacher there. I am sure we impressed the audience! All my students LOVED it. They all had read it in class, and it is/was wonderful to then see it come to fruition.

I found my camera battery charger and it actually works without the transformer so I promise some photos tonight. We strike after the show, then it rest for me. Well at least I don’t have to stay after school for a while.

The air is frosty. It is winter. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for so much.

I am glad to hear Alice in Wonderland went well at my previous school. I am so proud of my students there, I miss them.

Chelsea C says:

YAY!!!!!!!!! Congrats Mrs. Griffin! Did it really surprise you that your show would be a hit? Yes, Alice in Wonderland did finally gets its act together although we had a ton of horrible things happening backstage (students doing drugs, the cops searching our trash, missed cues, quick make-up change, people running into the tea party set and crashing our things, and all that fun stuff-but, hey, no one cried this time). Now we’re getting ready for the Review which, I hope, should get better during after school rehearsals. Well, congrats again! You deserve a great show! :-O

Amber says:

I’m so glad it went well! Congrats! I just hope our MT Review will turn out good as well. We are really behind but the three after school practices this week should help. Happy Thanksgiving!

Christianna (a peep in the play) says:

Hey Tomi!

I think it went brill-I can’t beleive we sold out! and all the teachers have given great praise today and said it was amazing, and you made a fantastic impression as the new drama teacher *le yay!*
well done đŸ™‚

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