Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{November 12, 2007}   More photos

up-pic-smallrreally.jpghs-play-stage1-small-003_edited-11-really.jpg Judith took some pictures today. I have a hard time editing others’ pictures. When I have my camera I have a littles less problems. I guess I am just really tired and feel overwhelmed right now. Well it’s almost over. Small photos or gigantic ones?


Alec M. says:

Wow Mrs. Griffin, thats an amazing set! I hope your play is going better than ours! haha.

Amber says:

It looks AMAZING! I’m sure everything will work out! I can’t wait to see you in December!

Shannon says:

Hi There!

I’m an American drama teacher and I live in Tucson, AZ. I came across your site in a random search for drama teaching positions in Europe. Your set looks lovely! What play is this for? I was curious and read some more entries, but couldn’t find a title. Then I got depressed because it looks like you’ve got your ‘act’ together well enough to be able to keep a blog on the whole experience, whereas I … can barely breathe at the end of the day/rehearsals. Sigh. I think perhaps we’re just trying to squeeze in too much in one year (5 shows every year!!).

At any rate, I hope you’re not disturbed by this random comment from a stranger. But your set really does look great! No reply necessary (although it would be welcome should you choose to send one).

Chelsea C says:

It looks really good and it will definately turn out better than ours, like Alec said. A day and a half till our show and so far…well, we need a bit of work.

Alec M. says:

I know I already left a comment, but the show was yesterday and I wanted you keep you informed. Well, our cast PULLED IT TOGETHER! Alice in Wonderland was the most chaotic trainwreck EVER backstage, but onstage, you wouldn’t be able to tell. From our stagehands doing drugs in the bathroom (during the show by the way) to losing costume peices, our show was still a success. Hopefully your show won’t have as much drama!

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