Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{November 9, 2007}   It’s a neah on the ski trip

Turns out that the chaperons have to PAY for the ski trip, so I decided I don’t want to PAY to babysit naughty teenagers on my spring break. I will pay to go alone with Mo. You see I know through my friends from my years at St. John’s how naughty the kids get on these trips and it’s way worse than throwing water balloons out the window!

Still forging on with the set. Calgon take me away!


Amber says:

Aw that’s too bad. I hope you get to go skiing some other time then! Keep up the amazing work with your set! I hope you’ll get your camera problems fixed so that we can see the finished product.

Jennifer says:

Good decision on the chaperone thing, Tomi! I can’t wait to here how the play goes! Alyssa’s school is doing West Side Story in March.
I think it is so amazing the memories you and Mo are making. I can imagine it gets tough sometimes, but hey-it gets tough no matter where you live sometimes. Mo will be an even more cool little guy having experienced this!

Chelsea C says:

Too bad about the ski trip but I hope you can still go with Mo. It still seems sort of weird to think that you’re in Europe now. Whenever you go somewhere its like “SHE WENT TO ENGLAND!?!?!? Oh, wait, that’s really close, isn’t it?” Culture shock. Hope you get your camera fixed ‘cos I want to see the set. I have to go in and help try to finish ours on Saturday so its ready.

spicoli007 says:

That’s too bad about the ski trip, but I hope you still go with Mo. Dave and I used to take Tom & Kelly skiing every winter when they were children. It was a GREAT family vacation.

Alec M. says:

Hahah, I’m glad that you won’t have to put up with a bunch of raunchy teenagers on a ski trip…it just sounds like disaster. Alice in Wonderland is in 4 days… 😮

Brooke H. says:

Well from the pictures before the set looks fabulous so far! You sound like you’re having loads of fun in Europe, even if you don’t get to ski with mischievous teens. I hope you have fun with Mo, if you go.

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