Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{November 8, 2007}   Skiing in Austria?

I have been asked to chaperon the high school ski trip to/in Austria. Remember that I was scarred for life by not getting to go when I attended St. John’s in the 70s? So  when I moved back to Oregon I promptly taught myself how to ski and have loved skiing ever since; but kind of stopped since my son was born. I have a meeting about it this morning. We’ll see if it is do-able. Mo would have to come too, and take some lessons. I’ll keep ya posted!

Gregg’s sleep machine toasted my transformer and now my camera battery is dead, so no more photos until I can find a transformer (Judith gave me that one and they’re hard to find) to charge my camera battery. BOOOOO HOOOO! But yeah on the possible ski trip!


Chelsea C says:

Wow, skiing, wish I could go (I’ve never even seen snow). Too bad about your camera (I was really looking forward to those pictures) but, as you said, yay for a possible ski trip.

Amber says:

Wow skiing! It sounds like fun! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya! Too bad about your camera though. But at least you have the trip to look forward to.

Jennifer says:

Oh Tomi….
If you had gone on one of the ski trips you would know how hard it will be to chaperone….we were sooooo naughty!!!!

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