Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{November 3, 2007}   Fun with set building!

day-five-005small.jpgday-three-small.jpgposters-small.jpg More fun with set building. Less than two weeks now until the DAY! Propaganda posters and day three to day five of building. Oh what fun!!!


Amber says:

Wow! That’s a really nice set!

Chelsea C says:

That’s an amazing set! I wish I could say ours was going that well. Good luck on your show! But with a set like THAT, you may not even need a coherent show to amaze the audience.

boxx says:

WOW! That looks like a LOT of hard work! (and very professional looking as well) MsPeacock you appear to be running a first class drama department! I am proud of you. WTG. When do you get to take a break? Do they take time off for the holidays in Belgium?

Alec M. says:

Wow Mrs. Griffin that set is amazing! For some odd reason, when I see it, I picture you leaping around on it…

Cindi Reyes says:

Good morning Tomi,
At least it’s morning here on the western side of the States. Hey when did I miss you moving to Belgium? What happened to Arizona, that’s where I knew you were last. So how did you end up there, your past teacher? And what happened to Sam, that was his name right? You know the guy that took you on vacation, had his own business and all. I thought that was a relationship destined to be joined eventually in wed lock?

Write me back and fill me in. Tell James I said hello :-). Miss you Tomi.
Luv ya,
Cindi Reyes Seymour (got married)

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