Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{October 24, 2007}   Emotional recall at it’s best

We finally commenced building of the set which makes me extremely happy! I purchased the lumber and  adult ministry youth guides came and measured and began the cutting. Also Mr. O’Grady from the history department/chaperon in London/fellow new teacher and American (they’re aren’t very many American teachers here) is helping too. So all is well in the neighborhood.

All of a sudden the weather has turned cold! Burrrrr! I had to buy some sweaters today. Purchasing clothes; I do like that though. Mo is now baking cookies for a bake sale tomorrow. Mo also gave his bagel money today to charity. What a lovely boy. Speaking of lovely, the ministry group that is helping me with the play just does voluteer work for a living. The one girl who is my stage manager has a degree in theatre and she is a youth minister and gets to work in theatre doing good deeds. I love it, good deed doing for a living! And in theatre! They are all Americans too.

My rehearsals are now down to needing scenery, costumes and lighting. Tomorrow is our first as-semblance of a costume parade. I hope everyone has at least something! The posters and tickets are made, the program is almost done, in two days Sam will be here, then Gregg, my friend who does art work for Johnny Depp (he designed my set). Soon when the play is over I will have so much spare time I won’t know what to do with myself except for exploring Europe and learning more about theatre. I LOVE LEARNING MORE ABOUT THEATRE! you probably didn’t know that.

Oh one last thing. For all those who know how I teach the emotion “disgusted” (think back on it)  here’s a new emotional recall for you…I was watching Judith’s dogs right, and the dog walker for the afternoons while I am at school was ill, so didn’t take them out on the last day. So I get there thinking I may get a surprise. But Mo and I check around, and nothing. Good deal right? Well when we got ready to go to bed, we went upstairs, and all of a sudden there was this waft of a smell. (I didn’t think to check upstairs as I barricaded the entrance). Well somehow the dogs had gotten in and crapped, not just on the bed Mo and I had been sleeping in, but IN the bed! Had messed up the covers to the sheets! I told the story to my students to illicit the disgusted emotion. That is one real emotional recall!


Chelsea C says:

GROSS!!! Well, there was one visualization I could have done without. After your show, you should come and see our Review for M.T. We still haven’t begun to build the sets for Alice and rehearsals are…well, not going so well. We haven’t even auditioned for Drama Club and we’re just now starting major time for the M.T. Review. Hopefully all of this will be done in a month. Good luck on your show!!! Oh, and speaking of charity work, you know all of my miles and miles of hair? Well at the end of the year, most of it is going “bye-bye” for Locks of Love. Well, I’d better get going.

Amber says:

EWW!! I agree with Chelsea, I did not need that mental picture. Shepherd is not the same without you! I really hope that we will be able to come up and see you. Everyone would be so jealous though. When do you think it will start snowing up there?

spicoli007 says:

That was a crappy experience. hehehehe. The clothes shopping sounds fun, tho. How is the shopping over there?

Alec M. says:

Hahahah, been there done that. I’m glad YOUR rehersals are going good though, things are fine over here…just running a little slow.

Amber says:

Hey, Mrs. G! If we are going to pull off coming up and visiting you in the next few months sometime, I’m going to need some way to contact you other than this blog. My mom works on the weekends, but she has a week off in December so we are going to have to discuss what we are going to do. Can’t wait to here from you! ❤

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