Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{October 17, 2007}   Back from London

London was a learning experience. We saw some incredible shows, Marry Poppins with the most outstanding special effects (such as a moving Victorian house, tap dancing on the procenium archway 100 feet in the air etc) I have ever seen in a show, along the likes of Miss Saigon and Phantom of the Opera and Wicked, as well as another musical called War Horse with the most amazing Bunraku puppetry ever!!!! I loved that show!!!! We also had great workshops that taught us all a lot. Teaching IB theatre is soooo complicated, but I feel better about it now.

My students did misbehave though and that was a total drag. A group of boys got caught throwing water balloons out the hotel window at 2:30 AM and almost got us all kicked out. So I had to deal with that, as well as the consequences back at school. Each year it’s another bad word for me such as TENNIS BALLS, HOT GLUE and now WATER BALOONS! Someday I will laugh about it.

Now on to the next task, finishing my show.

I feel free now that I have my new car and I love it.

Mo is getting on fine and had a good visit with grandparents in England.

James family you are welcome anytime, I do already have company from October 26th through November 12th, but if you came November 16th or 17th you could see my show!!

Love to all. 🙂


Amber says:

Hey Mrs. Griffin! I’m glad you had fun in London, excluding the water ballons. I got back from Cleveland, Ohio last night and while we(Porter, my dad, and me) were there, we saw “The Drowsy Chaperone.” It is probably the funniest musical I have ever seen or even heard of! I really enjoyed it and I recommend it to anyone.

We would love to come up in November! The 17th is my birthday but seeing you would be a great birthday present! My mom says that we will check out the flights so we’ll get back to you about it. I’m so excited! 🙂

Chelsea C says:

Wow, sorry about the water balloons… The hot glue incident was horrible but at least it was at school and not in another country. What about all of us other folks who want to see you???? Alice in Wonderland is going okay but we’re scared for what tomorrow will bring-we officially go off book. Hope your show is a total success!!!!

spicoli007 says:

London? Belgium? Your life seems so much more exciting than mine. ENJOY!

Amber says:

My mom has to work on the weekends so it looks like we are going to have some more problems getting up there. It might be better if we came in December. We could come during the week anytime but we’d have to find a week where both Porter and I aren’t doing anything too important in school. That’s why December would be better because we have the vacation. But it just depends when it would be most convinent with you. We might still be able to come up sometime in November or next year if worst comes to worst. Whatever it takes to see you!

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