Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{October 7, 2007}   International Festival

On Friday the school had an International festival sponsored by the mothers. There were at least sixty different booths with food from each country, decorations and costumes as well as a costumes or traditional dress parade. It really was fun and interesting. Thses things are so cool that it makes this journey worthwile. I keep having to think that. All is well and Mo and i are doing great, but I still am ever so homesick. I dreamed of you all last night, being back in musical theatre with mrs. Turely. I miss Taco bell. I am cold, I miss Arizona heat.


Chelsea C says:

That’s awesome. Wish S.J.H. did that… We all miss you too, Mrs. G. How many times have I said that? Sixty times at least. But hey! Arizona’a is actually halfway cold this week so you’re not missing too much and taco bell…well, you ARE missing out there.

Shannon D says:

hey! what about those who weren’t in musical theatre?! LOL JK We miss you too Mrs. G!!

Amber says:

Hey, Mrs. G! Porter, my mom and me want to come visit you soon! We were going to ask you if we could come up on the 11th but apparently you are going to London! Which is awesome! 🙂 But when do you think we could come see you? Because we could probably just fly up there for a few days and then go back. But whatever works for you! We want to see you so bad! (It’s just a bonus that you happen to live in a foreign country.)

Alec M. says:

We all miss you two! I wasn’t in it last year so I have nothing to base this off of, but its not the same without you! You should come down to see our Musical Review!

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