Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{October 3, 2007}   Computer woes Continue

I finally got car insurance so I hope to have a car in a week or so. My computer at home is toast so I can’t update from home. We leave for London next Wednesday. Crazy busy, but the play rehearsals are going great. I miss you all so much I just want to come home sometimes, but I know I have a job to do. Mo is doing better with his organization and his birthday is next week. He will be going to the UK with me and his grandparents will pick him up and take him to their farm while I have workshops and plays with my students. check out the ISTA site.


Chelsea C says:

Sorry ’bout your computer, Mrs. Griffin. I know how it feels, trust me. Hmm…car insurance before the car…okay. Just for you, I hope it’s pink. 🙂 Talk with you later. WE MISS YOU!

Alec M. says:

Mrs. Griffin!!!! Sorry about your computer but things will get better, they always do! We are all still missing you in drama, so far things are a lot better with Ms. Alop and we’re back to having fun again!

spicoli007 says:

The ISTA site looks FABULOUS! I want to go!!!!!!

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