Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{September 16, 2007}   The Soap Opera of my life

I am getting back into Eastenders, a British soap opera I liked when having an extended stay in England some 10 years ago with my first hubby (Mo’s bio-dad). Anyway, being stuck in my apartment waiting for the Gendarmes I finally figured out how to get my cable TV programmed in, and I have 3 English speaking channels. One is BBC Prime that has played Eastenders back to back. I have always liked the British TV because they have average looking people, with average jobs etc. unlike American soaps where everyone is stunningly beautiful and they are all doctors and lawyers and can die and come back several times and have identical cousins etc. But the Belgian people remind me, at least physically of American soap operas. The Gendarmes never came yesterday, and I hate to sound pessimistic but I don’t have faith that they will today. It would make things far too easy. I really feel like I wasted a day yesterday, but at least today is Sunday and nothing is open anyway, save a very lovely Sunday open air market (I have been twice, I really love it) and tourist stuff. Well, we could go to a movie or Brussels etc. But no, we are stuck waiting for the gendarmes which may not even show up.

So, I thought I’d tell you about my students as E Entertainment discusses movies stars in French (actually this helps my French understanding even though it really doesn’t help my speaking of the romantic tongue).

In my 12th grade IB class I have Laurits (who is playing the gorgeous teacher all the girls have a crush on in UTDS). He is French. His friend Milan is ½ French, ½ Italian. Then there is Emilie who is Swedish, Rebecca who is English, Allison-American (she is my female lead, young beautiful English teacher Sylvia Barrett), Sasha who is ½ Belgian, ½ American but has always lived in Belgium, Nehal I believe is from Pakistan. Abby is also American. In my 11th grade class I have Boone (South Carolina), Quinn, Nathan (Dallas Texas), Natalie (Seattle area) and Alex who are American, Chris who is Northern Irish, Mikhel who is from the Caribbean, Lilly and Kai are German and Jose I think is from Argentina. Andrew I believe is ½ American ½ British. Most of them are ½ and ½ like my own child. Anyway, it makes for an interesting “Speak the Speech” when we experiment with each other’s accents. I don’t think I could even attempt all the other nationalities in my lower grade classes, but I do have a lot of Swedish people, Africans (Namibia, Zimbabwe) some Koreans, and even a few Russians. Let me tell you the days are interesting!

It is funny to work accents with all the students who have authentic ones. Really to them I have an accent! And some are hard to decipher as they are mixes of nationalities. Here we are much more world orientated, and involved in world issues. In America sometimes we tend to only think of American things. Here we think globally. Even though most of the students are well off and come from diplomatic type families they are all really involved in aiding others; such as supporting schools in Africa, a giraffe sanctuary, wheel chairs for the needy etc. It’s all part of their commitment to the IB (International Baccalaureate).

My hubby Sam phones me daily, sometimes several times, but I told him last night that I could not go two years without seeing him. He hopes to come at Christmas and work something out if I plan to stay. But if we don’t work something out I will want to come back to America, or wherever he is. I guess you just never know. All is well and exciting but missing the love of my life is difficult. This is the soap opera that is my life. Maybe I need to be on an episode of Eastenders.


Chelsea C says:

I can imagine that. 😦 I’m sorry you’re so homesick, Mrs. Griffin. Just know that you’re constantly in our thoughts. And don’t give up hope! Things will work out great for you eventually. If anyone deserves a great life, you do.

spicoli007 says:

Where is S? Is he still world travelingand working? Is he thru with the IRS? Who is living in your AZ condo? I love reading about your Belgium life, it seems so interesting. Pictures???

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