Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{September 15, 2007}   Act I UTDS

Blocking is going well, we are ahead of schedule. My cast is so perfect. I have been having so much fun with them in character exercises! I had them all introduce themselves and tell about their home lives and how they came to be at Calvin Coolidge High School, and add brothers, sisters etc. according to given circumstances and their own imaginations. Then after finishing blocking the first act, I had them improv as if Sylvia and Paul were putting on a production of Macbeth and all the cast was there to audition or help (staff etc). I have never laughed so hard! They were fantastic! I am really lucky to have such a great cast! I also had them (those in my IB classes) each do an emotional construct of the show, then a director’s concept. Their work for the most part is on the level of college students. It makes my job easier for not as much writing corrections. Some of their ideas were so good, I wish I had thought of them myself. Then I went back and re-read my concept and I remembered why I chose to do it as I have, and that is because I am a teacher and want to remain truthful to that, but some of the abstract concepts were really interesting.


I am now at home awaiting the police visit, but they could come anytime between now and 5:00 PM and tomorrow between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM which really blows my day as Saturday is the only day for shopping etc. So I have cleaned and organized, written in my thesis journal (previous bit) and now here I am. So TTFN!


spicoli007 says:

Everything sounds GREAT! i can’t wait to hear the rave reviews of opening night.

Chelsea C says:

That’s great Mrs. Griffin! We’re all so proud of you back here in sunny AZ. Can’t wait to hear what a success it was! 🙂

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