Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{September 12, 2007}   Trouble with photos

Okay so I have tried several times to upload photos of Mo and I at the Lion of Waterloo, but no matter what I do the pictures turn out way too big for this page. Anyway, the Jr. High is auditioning in my room right now, a 50’s musical version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.Rehearsals are going great for UTDS, we are getting through blocking a lot faster than anticipated. Sometimes I feel like I wasn’t paying attention to how surreal the blocking is in this show when I scheduled blocking. Anyway it’s a good thing. Classes are going well, I am still waiting for the Gendarmes (Belgian Police) to visit my apartment so I can get my Belgian ID card so I can get my car. Again Belgian bureaucracy! I am so homesick at times I question myself, but it’s much too late to dwell on it, but sometimes I wish I could just run home. I guess mostly I worry about finances as everything is so very expensive. I didn’t have financial concerns at home and here I most certainly do, at least until I get the car and see how much moo-la is left over. The move itself cost a lot. Mo is adapting well, I think, but his peers are rich kids so I am not sure how that affects him. I am sorry about not getting photos in here sooner, I will try from my home computer and see how that goes.

We had an assembly this morning and a student belly dancer performed, and she was fantastic!!! I kept thinking how Shepherd wouldn’t even allow something like that as too much skin was showing. It was so multi-cultural! They also had a presentation on International awards. The different student trips were shown in a power point presentation. Wow! It was really cool to imagine all the interesting things these students get to do. Even Mo has a 5 day/4 night student trip at the end of the year, and I have my first one in October.

Well I am out of Diet Coke so I better traverse to the “Deli-Traitor” to get some for my school fridge. I miss you all, please keep the emails coming.


Chelsea C says:

Wow, a 50’s musical version of A Midsummer Nights Dream? Well, okay. And a bellydancer? Gosh, and here we are with Shepherd getting crazier about the dress code each minute. Seriously, soon we’re probably going to have to wear parkas to cover up t-shirts. Well, hope you get those pictures up and on the blog.

Amber says:

I haven’t checked your blog in such a long time! You might already know this, but we are doing Cinderella(R&H version) in April for MT! I’m so happy! We love you love much, Mrs. Griffin!

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