Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{August 27, 2007}   First Day

Not bad, not bad. As expected they maneuvered the dance class and now I am not teaching it, and I am very happy about this. One less thing! My students were for the most part fabulous! I am very excited now, but I still don’t have internet or a phone at home so I gotta go, I will update soon I hope.


Shannon D says:

They were better than us? 😦 that makes me sad…Haha JK I’m glad that your class was great! Just try not to forget us k? Promise? Pinky swear? YAY! Thanks you rock!!

Chelsea C says:

That’s great, Mrs. G. Just DON’T FORGET about us. We all miss you sooooooooooooooooo…much. Hope you do great! 😉

No no NOT better than my students back home, just they made me feel better, I was WAY homesick!

sammygirl608 says:

Not as good as us though, right Mrs.Griffin??? Haha jk i love you Mrs.Griffin try not to forget us though ok?? Promis?! Pinky swear?!! Lol I love you Mrs.Griffin. Remeber don’t forget us!!

Alec M. says:

Hey Mrs. Griffin! I’m glad that you are getting all of these new opportunities in Belguim! We are all missing you in drama. We’re somehow going to do Alice in Wonderland with only two boys in our class….

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