Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{August 23, 2007}   Overload

Sorry I am still too busy to update. Everything takes so much longer here to do. I still don’t have a phoneline or internet at home so in my downtime I cannot update as I used to.

School starts Monday. I will really need my advanced students (they are called IB students here) to help me organize and clean up the mess that is here now, or at least show me where everything is. My schedule is overloaded at this point so I don’t know if I will be teaching dance or what. I am fearing the overload and have brought it up to my superiors, but have not heard what the solution is so far. Like last year when I worked musical theatre (which I loved) for nearly free, I cannot do it again this year at a new school, learning two new subjects (IB and dance). Something has got to give. I am alone down in the drama room which gets forgotten about when it comes to taking out the trash and cleanup. I also don’t have keys for everything yet, and you all know I am used to having copious keys!

I really need to be off now, as the sidewalks roll up at 6:00 PM and I need to purchase minutes for my cell phone (called a GSM or mobil here) and get some things at the shop before they close. I miss my students and my colleques greatly. I love you all.


Chelsea C says:

Oh, Mrs. Griffin we miss you too. You’ll do fine. Don’t stress. Good for you! You should stand up for yourself! The new drama teacher is learning, which is a relief. Hope you get your copious amounts of keys soon. 🙂

Amber says:

Mrs. Griffin I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it! You’re an amazing teacher and I’m sure everything will work out. We’re all supporting you!

The sidewalks WHAT at 6:00?? And don’t worry, things will work out. Good for you for standing up for yourself.

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