Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{August 5, 2007}   Hairspray

I just saw the most fantastic musical movie! Hairspray! How often do you go to a movie and have a continuous smile, and tapping toes and even WANT to stand and clap at the end? This movie was so colorful, adorable, witty, snappy, fun and had a fabulous message. Stand up for what is right. I wish everybody would take a lesson from Tracy Turnblad.

I would love to direct and produce this musical/play someday.

We (Mo and I) are off to sojourn across the pond on Tuesday.

Love to all.


Chelsea C says:

Wow, Mrs. Griffin…we are REALLY gonna miss you this year. Have a good time, though. I know what you mean about the movie. I’m so glad that musicals are making their way back to the movies. Bye Mrs. Griffin!

Rachel says:

I just saw it this afternoon and it was GREAT!!!!! I wish I’d seen the broadway production – I took my picture with William’s Tony he won for doing the costumes for that show. Since he ran our workshop last August I feel like we’re close friends *L*.

Alec M. says:

Hi Mrs Griffin! I have been searching frantically for that little pink slip with this address then I finally found it! I saw Hairspray too and it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve been keeping up on my theater because you’ve driven me so hard to work I bought the script for “Spring Awakening”! From the moment I bought the album I knew it would be a hit and now its a Tony winner for the best musical! I just wanted to thank you for everything! Please e-mail me!

Brooke H. says:

Ahhh! It’s Mrs. Griffin!
Well, I guess that’s kind of obvious, but still.
I saw Hairspray too, it was great.
Hope you’re having fun in school. :] (That IS where you are now, right? Aah!)

Sarah M says:

I have to go see hairspary!! I just haven’t had the time becuase of last minute home work. Well good luck in the new world.
Love Srah

boxx9000 says:

I was thinking HAIRSPRAY would be a good play to see.

Elphie4evr says:

Yeah I saw Hairspray too and it was good! How have you been holding up? I’m so glad you have this blog so that we, your fans, can hear about your doings. 🙂

WAAAAAHHHH!!! I miss you! I think you should come teach at Westwood. I miss you wackiness (no insult intended). My teacher is a little straight-laced compared to you. Come visit me sometime cuz right now I don’t have the money to visit you. Btw, did tell you? No exchange student program as of now. I’ll see what I can do about getting one started.

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