Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{May 25, 2007}   Last day

I made it through the last day of school better than expected. My voice has been gone all week, I think due to too many tears. I am touched and overwhelmed by the heartfelt letters, cards and gifts from students. It’s funny that some that you never really thought cared all that much are the ones you touch deeply. Tomorrow I will spend the day with final clean-up of my classroom and stage. Then Saturday morning we are off on a grand adventure to London to see Wicked in the West End, spend a few days as  tourists in London, speed over to Waterloo to meet the folks there, then back to the UK to Diss, and visit Mo’s grandparents.

California Dreaming is playing right now which just reminds me of my kids again. Twice we performed this in The Rock-n-Roll Show which I wrote. I will really miss them!

I know it’s only a little after 8:00 PM but it’s bedtime for Bonzo.

Elphie4evr says:

We all love you Mrs. Griffin. You’ve touched everyone because your just too likeable. I hope that you enjoyed Wicked!

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