Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{May 23, 2007}   Going Away

My students and favorite parents/colleagues had a going away soiree for me last Friday! What a surreal experience. It was so overwhelming I ALMOST changed my mind. There must have been 200 people there; at the little outdoor park on a 100 degree afternoon. The kids went nutty buddy with ice fights and playing park bench on a REAL park bench ( method actors!). I received many cards and gifts, but the heart breaker was a scrapbook made for me by my boy twins’ mom of all the shows I have directed for the past three years! Of course the boy twins were involved in every one. I really couldn’t look at it too much that day as I kept bawling. Twin mom took it home to put more photos of the GOING AWAY party which another of her sons was taking. I felt like a celebrity. 🙂

Tomorrow is my Drama Club Awards. I have been running around like a wild banshee getting cakes and trophies and tokens etc. I sure hope I don’t leave anyone out. But with a program as huge as mine I am sure I accidentally will.

I hear that the kids at St. John’s are getting anxious about their new teacher. Just like my kids! I leave for the UK on Saturday with a short sojourn to Brussels on the 30-31st (that is if I can get my tickets booked, I am having trouble right here in River City).

My students are performing well on their finals. The Advanced Drama contrasting monologues are going quite nicely, and the 7th grade monologue show also went relatively well considering they were my hardest class this year. They did improve a lot.

I am dead tired, so I must retire for the evening. TTFN



I’ve been praying for you and held you in my heart as these last few weeks
raced by. Had the date in my book so we could think of you and remember you. Our family wished so much we could be there to see your masters
production. Were you allowed to tape it so we can watch it in the states sometime? The Nichols family loves you and Mo and wished you were here to hug for Thanksgiving. Please ask Mo to hug you for us and you hug him for us also. Everyone here is fine, boys doing well in school, football has ended for jv, although the varsity is still in the playoffs. Billy is getting caught up on his sleep…The jr hi musical theatre revue is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. LOVE YOU, Geri and family

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