Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{May 11, 2007}   Winding down and winding up

The final projects in musical theatre bring tears to my eyes! Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice. There are a few kids I really would liked to have worked with for another couple of years. But I must say that my most favorite students of all time are in the now moving on 9th grade class. This makes my move much easier. I mean if I can’t have THEM, then I might as well go too. But I am sure I would have found new 9th graders to be just as awesome, and the seventh grade class has many potential great ones.  Last year my 9th graders almost drove me crazy!

I am slowly but surly jumping through the flaming hoops, or should I say cutting the red tape to get my visa. I made my doctor’s appointment today along with a Mobil notary to apostle the signature of my doctor. I also sent for ANOTHER F.B. I. background check. This is my fourth one since I began the teaching profession.


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