Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{May 8, 2007}   Red Tape

I got an email from the personnel director with all the hoops I need to jump through to get a visa/work permit. I didn’t get too far today, but I did commence. Scary, reeeeeeeally scary. I forgot to register for my summer grad. school classes though. I need to make a note of that for tomorrow.

Watching my students today in musical theatre and advanced drama was exhilarating. They really are phenomenal, and I am so proud of them. I had to fight back tears many times but I also “laughed myself into stitches”.

One of my favorite parents wants to throw me a going away party. I must say I really don’t like these (I do appreciate it though) as they are such tear jerkers for me. I so wear my heart on my sleave. 🙂  I am giving the students an Academy Award type party the second to the last day of school. I will give out my awards, the student voted  awards and other gifts. I gotta at least spend a little bit of the massive budget I have built for the program before I go.

I began (with the help of my ever loving fabulous students) to clean out my desk. 😦

Two of my fantastic stagecraft/actors, I like to call them “bi-techual thespians” ran the drama club improv rehearsal today. These two ladies have the makings of fine drama teachers someday.


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