Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{May 7, 2007}   That good ole Hank

I watched Henry the 5th starring Kenneth Brannagh last night. This play/movie has been touted as brilliant. While I am a Shakespeare lover, and I enjoy Mr. Brannagh having been directed by him in the movie Dead Again,  I must say I wasn’t really impressed with the story line. It was just an over zealous, ambitious king who figures he needs to take what others have (with God’s blessing), and falls in love with the opposing team’s Princess in a moment’s time. There were a few redeeming scenes, such as the one in French with Emma Thompson learning the English words for hand, finger, nails, neck and chin. It also introduced a very young Christian Bail (American Psycho). Judy Dench is always a pleasure. What I was really waiting for, and was disappointed, was a monologue by Hotspur that a colleague did last summer and some of my students are doing as their final. It must have been cut as the speak the speech monologue was from Mel Gibson’s Hamlet. But at least one more Shakespeare play/movie viewing is under my belt!


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